11.2 million

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I admit to being a bit of a geek. That must explain why in the last few minutes I did something I have not ever tried before.

I copied five pages of comments on the blog into Word.

I then found that they averaged almost exactly 2,500 words a page, but some of those were blog titles and email addresses, and so on. So I reduced that figure to 2,200 a page to allow for that.

There are 5,093 pages of comments on this blog.

That's likely to be 11.2 million words.

As a sanity check I divided that by the 102,000 total number of comments published (near enough). That's 110 words a comment, which seemed fair.

Put that 11.2 million words another way and it is at least 160 books worth of comments.

I am not looking to publish them though.