Ecology Building Society gets the Fair Tax Mark

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As many readers will be aware, I am a director of the Fair Tax Mark. I'm late in noting this press release from last week: 

Ethical savings provider Ecology Building Society is now the first Fair Tax Mark accredited firm to offer personal savings accounts and mortgages. It has become the first building society in the UK to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark by the campaign for businesses to adopt a more responsible attitude to tax.

The Fair Tax Mark is the world's first independent accreditation scheme to address the issue of responsible tax, with Ecology being the latest company to be awarded the mark.

Ecology Building Society, an ethical finance pioneer, offers a range of simple, transparent, ethical savings accounts that fund mortgages for properties and projects which support individuals and communities to adopt environmental building practices, improve the energy efficiency of the UK’s building stock and live or work in a way that promotes a sustainable economy.

Paul Ellis, Chief Executive, Ecology Building Society said:

We’re delighted to be the first Fair Tax accredited firm to offer personal savings accounts and mortgages, which now means that ethically minded customers can place their savings or apply for a mortgage with an organisation that pursues responsible tax behaviour.

We believe that the fair payment of tax is an important part of our contribution to society and helps reduce inequalities which have an environmental cost. This plays a vital role in helping to deliver our mission to build a greener society.

While tax remains a controversial area for many, we are proud to be the first building society to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark, which sets a benchmark for responsible tax behaviour.

Fair Tax Mark accredited Ecology Building Society’s range of ethical, personal savings accounts include their Instant Access, 90-day notice and a Regular Savings accounts. At the present time, Ecology’s Foundations Cash ISA is only open to individuals who were members of the Society on or before 25 September 2015. Accounts are opened and operated via the post and some accounts can also be operated online.

The first Fair Tax Mark accreditation of a building society now opens up the opportunity for other building societies and ethical banks to demonstrate openness and transparency about their tax affairs. This in turn will enable ethically minded customers to support those businesses that pursue responsible tax behaviour.

Richard Livings, Project Manager of the Fair Tax Mark said:

We are delighted that the Ecology Building Society is the latest company to join the growing list of businesses to have been awarded the Fair Tax Mark. It is fantastic that consumers now have the option of a Fair Tax Mark accredited building society in the highly competitive mortgage and savings market.