Migration fear

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Around the world people living in fear are on the move. Let's not pretend there is no refugee crisis: there is.

And similarly let's not pretend that millions more people have been so persuaded by the story they have been sold of the success of Western economies that they want to be a part of them. If you advertise the merits of increasing consumption for long enough people will be persuaded.

The trouble is that the Brexit debate is far too much about these two issues.

It appears to view all migrants as equals, and they are not.

It appears to view all migrants as responsible for their own condition and that is blatantly untrue.

I accept that there is a case for limiting economic migration: the rate of change that might otherwise be created could be too great for a society to sustain. But what worries me about many who support Brexit is that if you can contemplate leaving those from outside at the now literal gates, come what may, and whatever their reason, then at some point you can consider leaving those inside those gates outside of society, come what may.

That there is evidence that some would wish to do so is clear. This is a very dangerous path to tread.