Labour’s going to talk about the economy

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The Guardian has reported:

Free economics seminars for the public will be held by Labour across the UK in an attempt to break away from “Westminster-dominated views” about public finances.

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, is launching the “New Economics” events in a bid to get members of the public talking about economic ideas in the hope they will inform Labour policy.

The events will include seminars and expert panels, including members of Labour’s economic advisory group, such as Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, and leading economists Mariana Mazzucato and Ha-Joon Chang.

Topics up for debate include inequality, technology and work, and the strategic state before a national conference on economics is held by McDonnell in May.

That should be interesting.

I have no further details: nor do I know if I am going or will be speaking, so there is no point asking.

But I approve of the idea.