Fair Tax Mark companies call for a Tax Dodging Bill

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have already noted this morning that 17 NHOs have combined to call on the government to introduce a Tax Dodging Bill within 100 days of the parliament to be formed after the election on May 7 first sitting.

It would, of course, be all too easy for such a call to be dismissed as pre NGO activity, but it is not. The  companies that pioneered the Fair Tax Mark have joined the call. As Paul Monaghan of the Fair Tax Mark has said this morning:

Midcounties Co-operative, Unity Trust Bank, Co-operative Energy and the Phone Co-op have all come out in support of the Tax Dodging Bill campaign principles and the need for the UK to tighten up regulation to ensure that business can less easily avoid paying their fair share of tax here and in the developing world.  As Fair Tax Mark certified enterprises they are all publicly committed to paying the right amount of tax in the right place at the right time – however, they recognise that some other businesses are not. Alongside progressive trade bodies Co-operatives UK and Social Enterprise UK, they call on the next Government to give serious consideration to the provisions of this Bill and stamp out aggressive, artificial tax avoidance.

I am pleased to work alongside such progressive organisations as a director of the Fair Tax Mark.