The January Taxcast from the Tax Justice Network

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In the January 2015 Tax Justice Network Taxcast: how offshore is ruining the 'Beautiful Game' – the Taxcast scrutinises football's own goal.

Also: how banks with criminal convictions are being allowed to continue to handle our money and how people may be allowed to apply for anonymity in the UK's new register of beneficial owners of companies to be introduced in 2016.

Plus the meeting of the world's most powerful in that bastion of transparency, Davos, Switzerland and more scandal and unique analysis.

“if we're shifting competition away from the athleticism, the skill, the talent of the players and into the skill and talent of accountants, lawyers, bankers and board room executives, then the sport becomes a pointless thing to go and watch' George Turner

Featuring: John Christensen and George Turner of The Tax Justice Network, and Richard Murphy. Produced and presented by @Naomi_Fowler for the Tax Justice Network.