It’s time to sack Juncker

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As the Guardian reports:

Jean-Claude Juncker is facing a vote in the European parliament to declare him unfit for his post as head of the EU executive because of his alleged role in turning Luxembourg into Europe’s biggest tax haven during the two decades he dominated politics in the Grand Duchy.

Far-right and anti-EU MEPs got together on Tuesday to collect enough support for a motion of censure, which must be debated and voted on, possibly as soon as next week.

That there is a motion to censure, and sack, Jean-Claude Juncker is hardly a surprise. For years the man simply said 'no' to any attempt to beat tax crime (let's leave avoidance aside: his real crime was refusing to allow effective information exchange arrangements under the European Union Savings Tax Directive to beat tax evasion) and for that he is culpable in my book. But what amazes me is that despite this fact the EU's Socialists are not backing this move, which is coming from the far right instead.

It's time for them to walk their talk. Juncker is not an EU leader for the 21st century. His appointment was a mistake. He has to go. The Socialists need to say so.


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