If you’re not worried about the threat to democracy you should be

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Own Tudor of the TUC has written a really useful blog on the impact of the Troika on EU states that have been the subject of severe austerity. The picture is grim; the programme has failed on any reasonable measure - including economic ones. What is however, most starkly revealing is the data on the impact on trust in both democracy and political parties which actually comes from this LSE blog by Sonia Alonso. This is a case when two graphs do the talking:

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 07.51.59

These charts plot a tale of political disintegration that is profoundly worrying. And yes, I mean, I am worried by it. This is threatening to well being. It's in this environment that parties like Golden Dawn in Greece gain support and from there fascism spreads.

My eldest son asked me yesterday what I was most worried about and I said fascism. These charts show I am right to do so.