That £3.2 billion form Switzerland looks like banking on dodgy money – or false accounting

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I mentioned in my last blog the claim by the Treasury that £3.2 billion has been received from Switzerland - which is being much trumpeted in the press, when TJN has rightly pointed out that no such funds have been received.

Now Richard Brooks has reminded me of the source of the £3.2 billion claim - which comes from the 2012 Autumn Statement costings - which reported as follows, with the Office for Budget Responsibility's comments at the end:

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 16.19.38

So, this is a number with considerable uncertainty attached to it that has no third party verification or audit approval that has not been received but which Osborne has banked for PR purposes.

I wouldn't trust a second hand car dealer who did such things, let alone a Chancellor. The Treasury really is getting desperate when, quite candidly, it's getting as close to false accounting as this.