If the Tories find tax avoidance ‘morally repugnant’ why were they the biggest party in the EU Parliament to reject measures designed to tackle it last week?

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I've just looked at the voting on last week's motion in the European Parliament on the motion on measures designed to tackle tax avoidance and evasion throughout Europe.

The motion in question did, amongst other things:

* Condemn Switzerland for not cooperating on tax evasion

* Condemn tax competition;

* Demand better company registrars and registers of trusts;

* Demand full country-by-country reporting;

* Demand more resources for tax authorities;

* Condemn the use of tax havens.

The motion was a clear statement of condemnation of morally repugnant tax abuse, including things like tax evading in Switzerland.

The motion was carried by 534 to 72 (see page 35 of Thursday results).

The only major political party in the whole of the EU to vote against the motion was the Tories.

So much for the abhorrence at tax abuse" it's so strong they voted to perpetuate it.