Can Martin Wolf get much more unsubtle and still be polite about the Prime Minister?

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Martin Wolf's column in the FT today is entitled:

Time has come for some intelligent policymaking

It was meant to be rude. As he concluded:

There are two big points here. First, fiscal and monetary policy converge when interest rates are close to zero. The authorities have to co-operate closely, to prevent an unnecessary disaster. As Deng Xiaoping said: “It does not matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.” Who cares if a policy is called fiscal or monetary, so long as it works? Second, without economic growth, it is almost impossible to deleverage an economy. The prime minister revels in his pre-Keynesian views. When weak demand is the immediate constraint on output, that is simply terrifying.

And he's right, the Tories attitude is now simply terrifying. They're wrecking the country. And still they don't care.

Keep going Martin. Some of us appreciate what you're doing.