Jonathan Ross and the Courageous State

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No, before lawyers jump in, I'm not suggesting Jonathan Ross has endorsed my forthcoming book - The Courageous State. But he said this in an interview published in the Guardian today:

Ross has been generous with his time, and is still talking while the photographer is trying to get him to focus. But all he wants to do is chat. He talks about food shortages, the global economic crisis and what the world holds for his children's generation. "Here's the problem we've got at the moment. Capitalism hasn't worked, socialism will never work, but we're still a commercially driven culture. We need to find a new model, a new way of encouraging people to develop stuff that isn't just based on individual personal reward, and at the same time there's got to be some kind of meritocracy, otherwise people won't invest their time in it… So, if you're 20 and you've got great ideas, we'll use them; and if you haven't got great ideas, we'll find something else for you to do, but you'll all be looked after. There'll be some kind of utopian socialism… almost Fabian socialism." He genuinely believes that? "To be honest, I'm slightly pessimistic that it will ever happen, but if it doesn't, the human race is going to die out because there will be too many people to feed and there won't be enough money to go around."

It sounds to me like I should send him a copy soon - because I think the narrative to support this vision is possible - which is why I'm writing the book.

But it's unlikely to be out in September now - the edit is taking longer than expected.

Trouble is after the edit it now reads more and more like a 90,000 word blog with fewer typos. Still, given 15,000 came here one day in August I guess something is working about that style.