Cameron – just not telling the truth on tax cuts

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The Guardian reports:

David Cameron has ruled out significant tax cuts while the government is cutting spending to reduce the deficit.

The prime minister said he wanted to offer people relief, but suggested that would only be possible "at the end of this hard road". His comments came in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph ahead of the budget on 23 March.

Cameron is being utterly dishonest.

He's letting the wealthy into the UK at extra quick sopped so they can exploit the domicile rule.

And he's cutting UK corporation tax to 24%, not forgetting the fact that this will deliver real rates for large companies much below that. All of which is helped by the fact that in November his government announced a scheme to encourage large companies to hide their profits in tax havens and pay just 8% tax.

So he's not telling the truth. People will suffer. His friends won't. Funny that.