Tax dodging: what would Jesus do?

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Were he alive today, Jesus would be leading the campaign to crack down on tax-dodging billionaires and multinational corporations according to a really good article in the New Statesman (hat tip: TJN).

I agree.

And I’m not alone. This hymn was sung at the C of E church I attend last Sunday:

1. Inspired by love and anger, disturbed by need and pain,
Informed of God's own bias we ask him once again:
"How long must some folk suffer? How long can few folk mind?
How long dare vain self interest turn prayer and pity blind?"

2. From those forever victims of heartless human greed,
Their cruel plight composes a litany of need:
"Where are the fruits of justice? Where are the signs of peace?
When is the day when prisoners and dreams find their release?"

3. From those forever shackled to what their wealth can buy,
The fear of lost advantage provokes the bitter cry,
"Don't query our position! Don't criticise our wealth!
Don't mention those exploited by politics and stealth!"

4. To God, who through the prophets proclaimed a different age,
We offer earth's indifference, its agony and rage:
"When will the wronged be righted? When will the kingdom come?
When will the world be generous to all instead of some?"

5. God asks, "Who will go for me? Who will extend my reach?
And who, when few will listen, will prophecy and preach?
And who, when few bid welcome, will offer all they know?
And who, when few dare follow, will walk the road I show?"

6. Amused in someone's kitchen, asleep in someone's boat,
Attuned to what the ancients exposed, proclaimed and wrote,
A saviour without safety, a tradesman without tools
Has come to tip the balance with fishermen and fools.

The hymn is by John Bell (a regular on Radio 4 Thought for the Day) β€” and I hope he’ll forgive my breach of his copyright β€” but it seems to me that this is a classic Christian message, bang on the nail β€” and a theme for those in UK Uncut who need the courage of faith.