I know a swallow doesn’t make a summer, but the Conservatives in last place? That’s good news!

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I know by elections don’t tell the whole story, and council by elections may say even less. But Liberal Conspiracy picks up on some results from yesterday which look pretty telling:

Labour won a stunning by-election victory last night in Wednesbury North, in the Sandwell borough (near Birmingham)

The results were:
Labour: 1320
Conservative: 643
National Front: 76
Libdem: 45
Green: 42
It meant the Conservatives lost a council seat they’ve held for the last 36 years in the predominantly Labour borough.

The result marks a massive 16.5% swing from Conservative to Labour since May 2010. Two years ago they took 20% of vote. Last night they won 62% of the vote.

Councillor Bob Piper was very happy.

It was a good night for Labour elsewhere too. The party won both seats at the Croxteth by-election in Liverpool

The results were:
Labour: 1447 / 1424
Libdems: 611/479
SLP: 135/70
BNP: 117
Greens: 63
UKIP: 50 / 19
English Democrats: 35 / 33
Conservatives: 31 / 29 (yes, they came last!)

Yes — the Tories came last, after all the right wing fringe. That is amazing.

And a sign of things to come.