Will the UK try to grab Ireland’s place in the world economy?

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Larry Elliott has a piece in the Guardian this morning in which he considers the possibility that the UK will exploit Ireland’s current misfortunes. As he puts it:

UK membership of monetary union is a dead issue, leaving the more interesting question of whether the British government will exploit attempts to neutralise Ireland's corporate tax regime. There is nothing George Osborne would like more than to market the UK as an English-speaking economy that is open to business. Ireland's plight might provide just the opening he wants.

As I have already noted this morning, Osborne shares the same failed philosophy that has driven the Irish economy to the brink of failure. No doubt replicating they in the UK will appeal to him. But it will be a disaster for the rest of us.

This is the last moment when we need to become a corporate tax haven: the policy is destroying Ireland and it would destroy us in turn.