Far too good not to listen too

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I admire the ingenuity of TUC colleagues who have written on the TUC Touchstone blog:

Here at ToUChstone, we’re big fans of Jonathan Mann, a very talented US singer/songwriter, whose innovative solution to recession-imposed unemployment was to start writing a new song every (yes, every) day, making money from commissions, downloads, ringtones, anything (a kind of “weddings, parties, bar mitzvahs anything 2.0‚Ä?).

As he’s already aced the popular ‚Äòliberal economist biographies’ genre, with “Hey, Paul Krugman“, and “Come on Nouriel“, we asked him if he’d be interested in giving his own take on our current pet issue of financial transaction taxes. About 12 hours later, this is it:  Song/day number 419, The Robin Hood Tax:

OK. it’s simplistic – who cares? Detail is for others: the reality is that this tax will change behaviour in the City and around the world for the benefit of us all. And as a means of campaigning this is fantastic.