Tesco was ‘untruthful’

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BBC NEWS | England | Essex | Tesco was 'untruthful' in leaflet.

Surely not Tescos?

Oh yes, according to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Complaints were made to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in December 2008 about the way Tesco advertised plans to build a branch in Manningtree.

The ASA has published its findings, and upheld two of the four complaints.

Tesco was found to have made an unsubstantiated and misleading claim. The chain said it was "disappointed".

Four complaints were made about claims made in the leaflet distributed to people living in Manningtree and the surrounding area.

In the leaflet Tesco said a survey by the company had shown there was "a need and a demand for a new food store to serve the Manningtree/Lawford/Mistley area".

However only 8.6% (38 out of 440 respondents) said they wanted and needed a new food store.

The ASA said this was misleading.

One might call it about as honest as Tescos claim that it does not avoid tax.

8.6% of peiople might agree with that claim too.

91.4% might not.