Citibank: supplies of corruption services

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Reuters has reported that:

Prosecutors for Sierra Leone's war crimes court are trying to track down $375 million they say vanished from two U.S. bank accounts held by former Liberian President Charles Taylor when he was forced from power in 2003.

The Special Court's chief prosecutor, Stephen Rap, said a London law firm working with the court had found records of two bank accounts in Taylor's name at Cit bank in New York.

"These accounts were closed and a total of $375 million was transferred from them over time into other bank accounts in the U.S. and elsewhere," Rap told Reuters in an interview this week.

The accounts were closed in December 2003, four months after Taylor stepped down as President and went into exile, he said.

"The amount of money is truly remarkable ... It seems at least 80 percent of the revenues of Liberia -- from timber, ship money, customs, other things -- ends up in Taylor's own private accounts," Rap said.

"Customs receipts would be delivered to him at the end of the day. There are examples of paying nearly $2 million into the government treasury in the morning and that same afternoon that same exact figure -- $1,999,975 -- going into Taylor's account."

TJN has long questioned Citibank's ethics.

Let's remind you::

Taylor is on trial before a U.N.-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone set up to try those most responsible for that country's 1991-2002 civil war, in which drug-taking rebels killed, raped and hacked limbs off terrified villagers.

Here is further evidence that Citibank is a supplier of corruption services.

The TJN campaign on corruption goes on.