The 100 Group: Your tax claims do not wash

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The 100 Group of FTSE finance directors has apparently told Alastair Darling:

For members of the Hundred Group, tax is increasing faster than GDP, faster than inflation and faster than the rate at which overall tax receipts are increasing. I think not just the Hundred Group but business more widely would be severely disappointed if we see an increase in the total tax from companies. It would make no sense at all to increase the burden on corporations which are such a vital part of the economy's performance

There's just one problem with their argument: as I have shown their tax rate over the last seven years looks like this:

If they're the only people who have had real tax cuts over the last seven years why shouldn't they pay more now? Or is it, as I suspect, that they simply want to increase the wealth gap in our society and around the world by ensuring that tax is shifted from compnaies to ordinary people?