The Pope on globalisation

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TheTimes has reported that:

The Pope, who is preparing an encyclical on the social effects of globalisation, gave a homily at St Peter's yesterday on the feast of the Epiphany in which he deplored the West's "search for excess and the superfluous". He said:

The conflicts for economic supremacy, and the scramble for energy and water resources and raw materials, render difficult the work of all those who strive to construct a more just and united world. We need a greater hope, which allows us to prefer the common good of all to the luxury of few and the poverty of many. Moderation is not only an ascetic rule, but a way of salvation for humanity.

It is widely believed that this encyclical will condemn the use of tax havens. They do, without doubt promote the luxury of few and the poverty of many.

All of which should give Senator Terry Le Sueur in Jersey some problems. He's a pillar of the local Catholic church.

Tony Blair might also have some thinking to do.