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I guess people might wonder why I have done several entries on the One World Trust.

Let me explain. So far they have not engaged on the issues I have raised, which have also been raised with them by others, none of whom have received a reply either.

And we are all sure that this organisation has made a profound mistake. That mistake will stay on the web - their report is now published. The way to make sure that mistake is noticed is to get it onto Google so that when someone looks for the One World Trust and Accountability they're likely to find these comments as well.

Doing it several times with several direct headings from a blog with a high ranking and the result is achieved. This blog has that sort of ranking. Right now on Google you'll find blog entries from here at about 11 or 12 on searches on the One World Trust. The way this blog works they won't go down.

It's one way of engaging.

And it's a very good way of campaigning.

Which is why I write the titles on this blog the way I do. I intend that people should find them on Google. And I'll tell you: it works.

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