What staggeringly good value

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The Taxpayer's Alliance (a group made up of those who think the Conservative party left wing) have done some research on public sector pay, about which, of course, they wish to complain.

I will take but one example. It is of Dave Hartnett, Director General of HM Revenue & Customs and probably the best known tax official in the UK. He was paid £150,000 in 2006.

And I have but one thing to say. I think that staggeringly good value for money. You only have to meet Dave Hartnett once to realise that he is a profoundly competent man who could make his living doing pretty much any job he chose within the tax sector. He most certainly could be one of the higher paid partners in PWC, for example, where average pay is £757,000.

Which means that here we have a man who has decided to forgo £600,000 a year to serve the public.

I have little doubt that the list contains many making similar sacrifice. Not all, of course, but many, I am sure. And the Taxpayer's Alliance chooses to complain. Which shows just how little they understand the real world.