The Tory’s tax madness

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I guess I should blog about the Tory's tax plans.

But I can't raise enough enthusiasm to comment on such obviously mad strategies as those they are proposing without any comment offered by them as to who will bear the cost in society of the boost this whole strategy is designed to give to the best off .

And please don't doubt me: this strategy is blatantly designed to increase the wealth gap in the UK. Why else cut inheritance tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty on shares but not housing and never once mention taxes paid by the 90% of the UK's population?

This is the politics of greed. Thankfully this will be electoral suicide for the Tories. Yet again. Which is, however, bad news for democracy in the country.

But what did Cameron expect if he asked John Redwood to talk about tax? The man is semi-detached from reality, at best. And the thinking on offer is evidence of that if ever it were needed.