Paranoia in Jersey

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It looks like there's a witch hunt going on in Jersey. It seems likely that they're seeking out any politician whom I've ever met or had email correspondence with.

For the record I'd like to put matters straight. I've met a substantial proportion of the elected politicians of Jersey. I suspect I've mailed most of them. And if they haven't received mail from me then they certainly have done so, second hand. I've had private meetings with, amongst others Senator Terry Le Sueur, the finance minister. And it's true, I have talked to several people on scrutiny panels who have sought to understand what I have been saying. This would in most places be seen as an essential prerequisite for intelligently rejecting my arguments, if that was their desire.

But there is only one Jersey politician who I have advised over a long period and for whom I have written and edited policy statements and States resolutions and to whom I have acted as political counsellor. That is Senator Stuart Syvret, the most popular politician on the island. Those who are now seen as leaders of the Tax Justice Network advised him for well over a decade. I did so extensively over several years.

In that case the paranoid politicians of Jersey are wasting their time looking for anyone else. There's only Senator Syvret to find, and he's hiding the truth behind his still unresolved allegation that John Christensen and I blackmailed him earlier this year. Anyone else to whom I have spoken has made honest enquiry and I have supplied information in return. But that puts them amongst, in the last day, at least five UK MPs, one right-of-centre UK think tank, several journalists and the foreign ministry of Korea.

So Frank Walker, call off the hounds and sack your Health Minister. He's the only mole you're looking for.