World Bank agrees to tackle the ‘supply side’ of corruption

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Reuters has reported on the resolution of the tussle about bribery and corruption at the top of the World Bank.

Put simply (and in this case that's fair) Paul Wolfowitz (the leading Neo-Con who now heads the World Bank) wanted to stop lending to countries which have a corruption problem. Europe made the point that things aren't that simple in the real world (the one Neo-Cons assume does not exist).

The resolution does importantly result in a:

[S]trategy focused on the role of the private sector as the "supply side of corruption" and the obligation by rich countries to act against Western firms for bribery and to return assets siphoned from poor countries by corrupt leaders.

It still leaves World bank understanding a long way off target, but this last point is very welcome. Let's just they really understand just how big the supply side is.