Blair denies the truth on tax

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Listening to Prime Minister's Question Time prior to Gordon Brown's Budget speech I heard Ming Campbell, leader of the Liberal Democrats aim a first rate question at Tony Blair. He asked (and I paraphrase):

How can the prime Minister be happy with the taxation record of his Party over the last ten years when the poorest in the UK pay a higher rate of tax than the richest? How can that be just?

And what did Blair say? He said:

That's not true. The poorest do not pay tax in this country.

It's staggering that after 10 years on office he doesn't realise that what he said is wrong and that Ming Campbell is absolutely right. The data is here - published in Parliament. The lowest decile pay 42.6% of their income in tax. Their average income is £8,376 The highest decile pay just 34.9%, less than the fifth to ninth deciles it should be noted. Their average income is £84,357.

What a legacy for a Labour Prime Minister.