Jersey – officially a money laundering free zone!

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It's official - money laundering does not take place in Jersey. I know that's true. The Jersey police say so in their 2006 annual report. Look at appendix 3 (which I attach here to assist). You will see that there's been no criminal money laundering reported or detected in the year. Fantastic news, I say, which suggests that the police objective (as noted in the report) of:

maintaining the financial reputation of the Island by investigating money laundering, fraud, drug trafficking and funds used to support acts of terrorism

is clearly working being achieved. So well in fact that no one even tells them what's happening.

Mind you that does leave them to get on with the bigger scale financial crime of the sort the report highlights, such as:

defrauding of potato farmers by a financial controller of a local pack house company.

All's well down in Jersey in that case then. We can sleep easy at night.