Bono – ‘tax efficient manager’ maybe

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The International Herald Tribune published an article on Bono's tax activities yesterday. A certain Richard Murphy is quoted in the report (although I have no recall of speaking to the IHT - I think it all came from this blog).

What is interesting is what U2 say about their affairs:

"Our business is a very complex business. Of course we're trying to be tax-efficient. Who doesn't want to be tax-efficient?"

I'd like U2 to answer these questions. Do you want to:

  1. stop capital flight from Africa?
  2. prevent achievement of the Millennium Development Goals?
  3. undermine democracy?
  4. deny healthcare, education and opportunity to people around the world?
  5. encourage lawlessness by promoting the abuse of regulation?
  6. be seen to be pariahs from a country that is already itself a tax haven?

These are the consequences of 'tax efficiency'. If you want these things, carry on as you are. If not, pay your taxes now. It's not U2's words that count, it's their actions. Concern is a verb. Walk the talk or what you say is just a load of self promoting rubbish Bono. The choice is yours.